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Can anyone trace the location of new 2000 or 500 Rupee Indian currency notes ?

Author: Administrator     Published: 10-11-2016

Can you trace the location of new ₹2000 or ₹500 rupee Indian currency notes from computer or mobile through Satellite ? There are claims that new Indian currency notes are embeded with NGC - Nano GPS Chip. Read more to find out our take on this.


Why GPS chip can not be embeded in currency notes ?

GPS (Global Positioning System)  This is commonly used technology in mobile phones to provide the location services. Not many people know that GPS is one way technology where many orbiting satellites send packets to earth with their own location. Combined such packets from minimum 3 satellites, mobile phone can calculate the location on earth at receiving point. Here Satellite is completely unaware who is using its packets.

For providing tracing ability, mobile phone relies on 3G or 4G internet to submit the location of the mobile to server and fetch the relevant maps. 

GPS packet receiving and calculating the location is so complex that it can not be achieved without battery power source. So first it is impossible to calculate the location of currency note without power source & such chip and circuitry can not be paper thin.

Can currency notes have any kind of tracking chip ?

There are few other technologies which do not need any power source and can fit into the paper. These are known as NFC / RFID tags. But NFC / RFID tags can not operate on Satellite signal. They can only tell their own number to nearby requesting device. While NFC requires contact of the tag and the receiver, RFID can work from 1 to 4 feet distance. Gen 2 RFID tags can go upto 30 feets distance.

We have tested these new notes on NFC and RFID readers. They don't seems to be emitting any such signal. 

There is no Nano GPS Chip found in these notes. However if Govt. has custom built any RFID variant encrypted technology, there is no easy way to find it. If that is existing in these notes, there is possibility that nearby govt reader knows the number of notes you are carrying inclusive of serial numbers.

This can be really good Technology to remove Black Money & thefts from society. Stolen currency note numbers can be distributed on network for rejection. With this currency notes will become like cheques and can be requested for blocking. 

If such technology is opened to developers, there can be many mobile apps keeping track of your wallet.


किया नए नोटों में नैनो GPS चिप है ? 


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