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Google Photos, Free unlimited storage for videos and photos

Author: Aneel Sewani     Published: 23-06-2015

In an I/O opening press conference which was held at Mascone Center San Francisco, along with Android M operating system Google also announced Google Photos with Unlimited storage for photos and videos.

This service of Google is totally independent of Google Plus and is available on Android, iOS and web platforms.

What Google Offers to users in Google Photos ?

Photos Service of Google is free with unlimited storage for photos and videos in the Cloud.

In Google Photos users can set it to automatically organize their photos and videos by place, events and their favorite people without the need for manual tagging and labeling. It can even figure out the face with changing age. It can even identify animals, shapes, colors, places and much more.

Google photos is embeded with a search which can recognize particular object or activity in images and give you all the photos having that particular object or activity in sequence.

Google photos has inbuilt editor to enhance photos, by making quick adjustment to lighting, color and other aspects of the image with just one tap. No application installation is required to do photo editing.

Users can easily share pictures with any third party service like Twitter and WhatsApp with any one even if they don’t have Google Photos.

Google photos is restricted to 16-megapixel images and 1080p videos, if it goes beyond that it will be automatically downscaled to those sizes. Even if your image is of 16-mp or more or RAW quality, Google Photos will save picture as high quality compressed jpg that takes lot less storage.

Finally Google has provided the users to privately and securely backup and share their photos with unlimited storage capacity.

So far there is no clarification on how Google is going to monitize this FREE service. Probably based on Photo information gathered Google will start offering you relevant ads across mail, search & other services. There is no separate privacy guidelines for Google Photos.


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