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Microsoft launches Cortana for Android & iPhone

Author: Aneel Sewani     Published: 03-06-2015

What we need to know?

Microsoft under its new CEO Satya Nadella have understood the changing culture of computing and mobile world, and taking the company in the same direction.

For many years Windows OS has dominated the computing world. Even though there were some techies using Apple Mac and Linux, windows OS remained the mainstream choice for common user.

But the change started with iPhones/iPads running Apple's iOS and tablets running Google's Android OS.

Today many alternatives are available to Windows Operating System for variety of devices having multiple screen sizes.

What is Microsoft doing?

Satya Nadella changed that culture and brought Office and its free version for iOS and Android devices.

Now he is going a step further and bringing Microsoft’s personal smart assistant signature product Cortana Voice assistant app for iPhones and Android phones, and making it easy to bring Windows files to those devices.

This Cortana app will act as companion app for the PC version, and can do most of the things that Cortana can do on PC or Windows phones.

What is Microsoft offering ?      

“So next time when you are on grocery store it will remind you to take bread and milk for breakfast by waking up your phone with buzz reminder. You will be able to track flight both on your PC and Phone and get the update for the same, so that you don’t miss anything.”

This Cortana app will remain in sync across devices and help you to complete the tasks you begin on your PC, where ever you are on your phone. Whatever changes you make on one device will be reflected when you use Cortana on any of your other devices.

This app will be very useful for multiple device from functional perspective, but some features like toggling settings, opening apps & ability to invoke Cortana hands-free by saying “Hey Cortana” will not be initially supported for iOS and Android platforms as it requires special integration with the device’s microphone, and will be limited to Windows PCS and Phones.

When will be Cortana available?

According to Microsoft Cortana app will on air on Apple App store and Google Play in the end of June-15.

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