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Secret uses of Call Forwarding on your mobile

Author: Aneel Sewani     Published: 24-06-2015

What is Call Forwarding or Call Diversion ?

Call forwarding is telephony feature which redirects your incoming calls to any other alternate number which my be landline or mobile phone, where the desired called party is available.


How to use Call Forwarding feature ?

You can use this feature of call forwarding in any of the land line as well mobile phones like legacy, Android, Apple and Windows.


Call forwarding setting for different phones is given below


Call Forwarding steps for legacy phones



Call forwarding steps for iPhone



Call forwarding steps for Android Phones


Never heard before uses of Call forwarding

  1. If you have set an oppointment with doctor and the number you are registered with him is not in network range, you may receive call from his office for any changes in his schedule. it can be very helpful if you used this feature to forward your calls to the number in network range.
  2. If some one is distrubing or harassing your any family member by calling, you can simply divert his all calls to your number and handle that caller.
  3. When you start new business all the times you can not sit in the office, you can divert all your calls to you mobile so that you dont miss any important call.

Differnt types of call forwarding

  1. Call forwarding- No reply : Call to your telephone number will be forwarded to another land line or mobile number.
  2. Call forwarding- Unconditional : All your incoming calls automatically and immediately forwarded to another land line or mobile number
  3. Call forwarding- Busy : Incoming calls are diverted to an other land line or mobile number when your line is busy.
  4. Call forwarding- Not reachable : Diverts calls automatically to your choosen number when you can not be reached, such as when your phone is not in network or battery is fully exhausted.

This way you don't miss out on any important incoming calls. Calls can be diverted when you are busy, unavailable or travelling.


How much does Call forwarding cost ?

Call forwarding to landline or withing the receiving mobile's telecom operator can be FREE 


Important to note: The call can be diverted to any landline or cellular within the service provider's network area and its free. Calls cannot be diverted to a cellular of another service provider.

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