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Top 10 features of Android M you must know

Author: Aneel Sewani     Published: 12-06-2015

Google held its I/O opening press conference at Mascone center in San Francisco and announced Android M operating system.

Google revealed some new features of the Android M operating system, details of few are.

1. Power Management

Android M is coming up with new feature called Doze, which is believed to make Android device smart enough for managing power. It will cut down the battery usage to lowest while you are not using the phone.

2. RAM Manager

New RAM manager will provide developer preview in Settings>Apps. This new feature will let you recognize the memory used by individual app and will help you to get rid memory hunger apps.

3. Adoptable Storage Devices

This new feature will treat external storage such as SD cards as internal by simply formatting your card and adding encryption for working only on your device.

4. USB Type-C Support

The Android M will support USB Type-C ports. This new feature allows users not only transfer power, photo, video and audio in both directions but can rely on one port for their A/V needs and charging other devices. With new USB standards, you can charge your android device 3-5 times faster than earlier. You can even share your power from Mobile with other devices.

5. App Permissions

This new feature makes it easier for Android users to keep track of what feature can be accessed in specific categories like Sensor, Camera and location.

When you need to use microphone for voice message in WhatsApp, an app permission will appear prior to using the feature and only after granting the access you will be able to send the voice message, you can also modify individual permissions for the same within the phone settings.

6. Google Pay

This new feature of Android M will let users walk into stores and tap on an NFC terminal to pay for products.

The process works by creating virtual account number and not sharing your actual number ,thus assure to make the process more secure.

7. Better fingerprint support

Google is opening the necessary APIs to allow developers to add fingerprint support with any app. This biometric authentication will be extended to Android Pay feature which will allow users to confirm purchase with their fingerprint.

8. Auto backup and Restore service

This new feature of Android M will allow users to get their app backed up automatically to Google-Drive; automatic backup will occur every 24hrs without counting user’s personal Drive storage share.

9. Google now on Tap

This feature in Android M will be able to get useful contextual information on anything you have currently running on your phone screen by just long pressing the home button.

10. Direct sharing and Floating Toolbar

This new feature of Android M will let you learn who you share content with frequently from different apps and turn the process into the press of a single button , with floating toolbar it will also improve the way you can copy and paste the content of WebPages and documents.

When Android M will roll out?

We expect that Android M will be rolled out for phones and tablets by 4th Quarter-15.


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