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ZTE Mobile Phone Specification Details, Features, Price in India

ZTE Axon 7 Mobile Phone
Axon 7
Rs. 29,999
ZTE Blade A2 Plus Mobile Phone
Blade A2 Plus
Rs. 11,999
ZTE Axon Mini Mobile Phone
Axon Mini
Rs. 23,599
ZTE Blade V6 Mobile Phone
Blade V6
Rs. 9,999
ZTE Nubia Z9 mini Mobile Phone
Nubia Z9 mini
Rs. 16,999
ZTE N919D Mobile Phone
Rs. 6,795
ZTE Blade S6 Mobile Phone
Blade S6
Rs. 16,999
ZTE Blade V2 Mobile Phone
Blade V2

Indian Price: NA
ZTE Grand X Plus Mobile Phone
Grand X Plus
Rs. 9,999
ZTE Speed Mobile Phone
Rs. 14,999
ZTE Star 2 Mobile Phone
Star 2
Rs. 27,999
ZTE Grand S II Mobile Phone
Grand S II
Rs. 13,999
ZTE Nubia Z7 mini Mobile Phone
Nubia Z7 mini
Rs. 14,999
ZTE Nubia Z7 Max Mobile Phone
Nubia Z7 Max
Rs. 19,999
ZTE Nubia Z7 Mobile Phone
Nubia Z7
Rs. 29,999
ZTE V5  4GB Mobile Phone
V5 4GB
Rs. 6,999
ZTE KIS Flex V793 Mobile Phone
KIS Flex V793
Rs. 2,490
ZTE Blade G2 V880H Mobile Phone
Blade G2 V880H
Rs. 3,330
ZTE Blade C V807 Mobile Phone
Blade C V807
Rs. 4,315
ZTE Blade L V887 Mobile Phone
Blade L V887
Rs. 6,020
don't buy
ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Mobile Phone
Grand X Quad Lite
Rs. 5,499
don't buy
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